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Home DesignBudgeting for a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations top the list of the most common home renovation project types.  Whether your bathroom renovation is sparked by a leaking or burst pipe or by a desire to upgrade your finishes and fixtures, the process is still the same.  First you will need a plan of attack (that's where professional designers-like myself- come into play), then you will need to select you finishes, fixtures, and accessories; and finally you will need to hire the right building professionals to make your renovation a reality.  

To help you establish a budget the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends you break down your renovation costs into eleven categories:

1.)  Design:  4%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
 Hiring a professional designer will ensure your investment is as beautiful as it is functional.

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design

 Detailed drawings help the contractor stay on time and in budget.

2.)  Installation:  20%

 The largest chunk of your budget will pay for skilled labor costs so you have plumbing and tile that won't leak or crack.

 3.)  Fixtures:  15%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
Plumbing fixtures like showers and tubs are an important design element and they should account for a large portion of the budget.

4.)  Cabinetry & Hardware:  16%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
Cabinetry and hardware, such as knobs & pulls, make up a significant amount of a bathroom budget while also making a significant visual impact.

5.)  Countertops:  7%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
 Countertop prices vary dramatically depending on the material selected, but they usually account for 7% of the budget.

6.)  Lighting and Ventilation:  5%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design

  Wall sconces, recessed lighting, accent lights, exhaust fans, and pendant lights make up 5% of the budget.









7.)  Flooring:  9%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design

 Tile flooring works well in bathrooms, but if  you heat your tile floor expect this portion of your budget to increase.

8.)  Doors & Windows:  4%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design

Don't forget about the cost of new doors or windows while developing your renovation budget.



9.)  Walls & Ceilings:  5%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design

10.)  Faucets & Plumbing:  14%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
 Faucets, plumbing controls and mixing valves are all important and expensive parts of your bathroom renovation.

11.)  Other:  1%

Photo courtesy of Kustom Home Design
 Somewhere along the way you will find a unique item, design element or product you won't want to live without.

The average bathroom renovation cost is $16,000.  In my experience, guest or kid's baths tend to cost between $15,000 - $20,000 while master baths usually cost between $20,000-$35,000.  You can spend less than these amounts and you can certainly spend more; however, you should try to budget 5%-10% of your home's value on a bathroom renovation.

 If you are considering a renovation project in the Upstate of SC and you don't know where to start or how to proceed, contact Kustom Home Design for a free initial consultation.  We are in the business of making your renovation dreams a reality.


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